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The most powerful enhancement solution for Shopify

Built to address the limitations directly experienced by brand owners, MOOT enhancement suite is a powerful cloud-native AI platform enhancing your existing solution, providing all of the advanced functionality needed in order to scale without the need to re-platform.


AI and ML Personalisation Engine

AI and ML personalisation engines to increase the propensity for consumers to convert


Advanced PIM

Advanced PIM capabilities to allow for upsell, cross sell and bundling.

Advanced UX Customisation


Decoupled front end

allows for much greater customisation of site and individual PDP pages you can’t get with Shopify+

Actionable Insights


Get deep insight into trading and merchandising metrics that can't be found in generic data hubs.


Maximise your site performance

Poor site performance directly impacts your bottom line. By decoupling your front end from your current platform, you’re able to take advantage of superior site speed, resulting in greater UX experience and SEO improvement.

Convert more of your browsers to buyers

  • Beautiful and powerful design : Stand out from the standard templates by using our advanced customisation capabilities to create beautiful, personalised and optimised online pages.

  • Hyper-Personalisation at scale : Create more opportunity to delight your customers and upsell and cross-sell with personalised shopping experiences at scale.

  • Next-gen AI and machine learning : Harness the power of AI Search Functionality, decreasing the time it takes for customers to find the right product and checkout.


Have your products sell themselves

  • Enhance the search experience : Our PIM allows for next level tag management, allowing for upsell, cross sell and bundling options currently unavailable through existing offerings.

  • Tagging to the next level : Enriched product information gives greater search engine optimisation performance, making more of your products more visible to more shoppers.

  • Launch products faster : Our advanced Product Management tool allows you to launch products faster, allowing you to focus on growth and UX.

Take action on your insights

  • All your insights in one place : Consolidated view of all data sources, providing a deep contextual view and actionable insights.

  • Real-time insights : Integrating all your data into a single place cuts down time and complexity when needing to take action in the moment.

  • Spot the opportunities or breaks : Actionable items on our dashboard ensure traders and merchandisers are acting upon opportunities and pitfalls.


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