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Target your audience with true precision

Deliver your message to the right user, at the right time, in the right context, with the right creative, for the best price.

MOOT evaluates a wide range of signals and meaningful interactions between signals to set the optimal bid amount.

Flexible, simple, transparent programmatic advertising with a powerful algorithmic focus on campaign success.


Hyper-target your ideal audiences

With the MOOT programmatic platform, being able to hone-in on precise audiences in line with brand recommendations offers unrivalled granularity, with 30+ targeting options including:

  • Geofencing, radius and postal code targeting (e.g. pinpoint brick and mortar locations, competitor locations)

  • Domain and contextual targeting 

  • Device level targeting (e.g. OS, browser, language)

  • 1st party audience data (e.g. cart abandonment, product page views)

  • 3rd party audience data (e.g. demographics, shopping intent)

Global Programmatic reach, a single intuitive UI

Our unified stack allows users access to the world of programmatic on a self-serve or fully managed basis. 


Utilising our integrated ad server, bidder and data management platform (DMP) means that launching your first campaign has never been easier.

  • 100% media agnostic

  • Access to over 10 trillion bid requests per month

  • Open auctions, private marketplaces and direct deals with our publisher partners

  • Various formats across display, video and in-app placements across all devices

  • Layered with advanced targeting options (e.g., 3rd party audiences & contextual site categories)


Your most powerful pixel

Our Smart Pixel was created to be a one-time application for building and managing audiences at scale. Removing the stress and repetition of adding multiple tags to site.

  • Dynamically build and manage multiple audiences within the platform

  • Utilise custom data layers from your website to advance your audience strategy

  • Present relevant messaging to users to increase their propensity to convert

  • Avoid data loss caused by low syncing match rates in siloed DMP to DSP activations

Transparent Data Access

At MOOT, we believe transparent data access is essential to every marketing strategy.

Our extensive reporting suite allows you access to your very own campaign data.

  • Reporting templates : get started quickly with out reporting templates. Identify trends by day, week, line item or individual creative size at a click of a button, enabling any platform user to drive superior engagement.

  • Scheduled reports : schedule reports to come into your inbox at the day and time of the week of your choice.

  • Custom Reporting : customise your reports to show the relevant data your client wants to hear about.

Delight your customers with engaging
data-driven creative

Command attention through innovative, data-driven creative to ensure the relevant message is received across all channels.

With our partnership with Flashtalking advertisers can now build exciting creative formats to rejuvenate campaigns, some of which include:

  • Carousel Formats

  • Signal Driven Formats

  • Dynamic Feed Retargeting

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