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Let the machines do the hard work, our AI driven Intelligence Platform crunches all of your ecommerce related data into a unified dashboard. Given you real time actionable insights to maximise your profitability.

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Make smarter decisions, faster

Easily manage your trading, forecasting, operations, social metrics from a single platform. Removing frustrating spreadsheets or conflicting metrics, so you can focus on delivering the best possible growth.

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Data intelligence benefits

Helping you to transform your retail experiences through previously-unavailable insights.

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Greater accuracy, less wasted effort

Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning provides urgent callouts and anomaly tracking, allows you and your teams to maximise efficiency and accuracy in their decision making.

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Centralised, consolidated truth

Create the ultimate view of your customers and business, incorporating your main trading and performance metrics to discover true revenue-growing insights.

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Cloud native API's & applications

Easily connect your data feeds and our platform gets to work ingesting your data and discovering insights through cloud native APIs and applications.

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Uncover deep behaviour insights

See beyond the raw numbers and truly understand how your customers are behaving on a deeper level than ever before.

Your single source of truth

The most actionable insights, from consolidated data capture sources.

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Use your data to
delight your customers

Our Data Intelligence platform is designed to deliver maximum impact when further developing your store experiences. Be it hyper-personalised tailored experiences, recommended product discovery and even feeding into your loyalty and marketing efforts to delight your customers at every touchpoint.

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Join some of the worlds leading ecommerce brands

Don't trust our word, trust theirs! Hear from some of our satisfied customers on how we've radically improved both operational efficiency, customer experience and their bottom line.

"We've unlocked an additional 20% AOV and increased our CVR by +20% through actionable insights historically invisible to us in our previous data tools."

Ross Beagrie

MD & CCO, Olivia's

"We’re incredibly excited to extend our direct-to-consumer offering with the launch of the Country Living Marketplace. We’re proud to partner with MOOT to bring this full-circle service to life."

Fiona Humphries

Head of Marketplaces, Hearst

Software & service designed
to maximise your profitability

Speak with one of our ecommerce success specialists to explore how MOOT technology can support your growth.